Jolts of Life with Moments of Solitude

"Longing," Kierkegaard said, "is the umbilical cord of the higher life." What is it that keeps us up at night or wakes us in the early hours to the time just beyond 'Rapid Eye Movement'? What are we quietly aware of as we are meandering through the details of that which shortens our breath? Do you know what you are passionate about? What undeniable reality gives you a jolt of life, fresh and true and clear? "I have come that you might have life, to the fullest" Jesus said--or thereabouts. If you have been passionately longing for a place to be-- not 'do', or 'act' or 'perform', but BE. Authentic, and divine. Vulnerable and at peace, then take a deep breath and risk coming to BREATHE- an authentic spiritual community. Afterall, as Kierkegaard also goes on to say: "Authentic religion has to do with passion, with having passion. Sadly, there are thousands who take a little something out of religion, and then dispassionately 'have religion'." Don't be content to just survive, rather thrive, soar, BREATHE deep!!

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