Put some peanut butter on it, or jam

When I was a kid (I know, I know, some of you think I still am! arf arf), my parents would get me to take medicine by 'doctoring' (pun intended) it up a bit. Putting a little jam or peanut butter or honey or something on the pill makes it easier to forget the (often) tasteless tablet of healing.

When our souls are hurting, or our spirit is wounded, we need a place of community to be sore. I'm not talking about a pious "fellowship" hall, or a stuffy sunday school classroom (though there are times when even those places have been transformed by God), I'm talking about a group of people who, through their deep friendship, love and support, REALLY care and let you heal.

We need a place to BREATHE. A place to encounter Jesus and just 'be'. No performance necessary, no number counting, no books to keep, no report cards, just encountering Jesus and the Spirit and the Father through the lives and warmth of comfortable friends.

Places like that, communities like that are beyond description, they are supernatural, they expose us to the shockingly beautiful character of God. They make us worship Him. Our response to eating tasty food, laughing about funny experiences, enjoying skilled music, handling deep ideas from scripture, or sitting in silence is...hushed worship, that terrifying awareness that...GOD is...right here...

Places--people of deep-spirited community are so rare, and so refreshing, that you never really need any jam or peanut butter to distract you.

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