how far is heaven

Well it's done. It finally happened. After several months of wanting it to be gone, it's now a memory. Our Christmas tree, which once stood proud and regal in the house at the height of the advent season, was finally carried off today. Not that we had it propped up like some sort of idol for the past three months. Instead it was reclining in our back yard like a tired out old man. Since I missed-- don't ask me how-- the annual fireman's bonfire (a massive flame fed, I suppose exclusively from dearly loved but cast off Christmas trees), I've been stuck with an old man sleeping in our back yard. It was just one more thing on my 'To Do' list, important but fairly innocuous. It's not easy getting rid of these things! It's not so much when but how. No's both how and when. Whenever I can finally get rid of the dead tree, I know I'm on top of it and feeling organizationally vigorous. It's gone. And it's a good feeling being on top of the ball. Funny how little things make us even more fecund.

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