Lost in Transmission

It must either amuse or confuse God, the way in which people- Christians talk to and about Him. I don't know what your concept, the picture you have in your head, of God is but it stands to reason that that image directs and influences how you repond to God and how you talk about God. From good luck charm to weathered grandfather, voodoo-ish entity to best bud, how we conceive of God impacts our life and living. Be careful. One thing we know for sure, well...two, is that God is Spirit, and He's not into us valuing idols (even mental images can be somewhat of an idol). Spirit. That's so intangible, unsatisfying. Nevertheless, God is Spirit and the best way of understanding that is to think of the best marks of character, integrity and morality possible and push your mind to consider that He is the superlative of even that. Hard to grasp, but Jesus (God in flesh---there's a wild one!) gives aid to our understanding. Jesus wraps God in a flesh suit and lets us see the divine intersection with the finite. Theology is the study of God and his ways. For all we know, dung beetles may study us and our ways and call it humanology. If so, we would probably be more touched and amused than irritated. One hopes that God feels likewise.

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