Canada is a 'great white waste of time', whose docile, Zamboni-driving, Molson-sucking citizens consume seal casseroles. Their hobbies include wearing flannel, obsessing over American hegemony, exporting deadly mad cow disease and even deadlier Gordon Lightfoot and Nickelback albums. You can tell a lot about a nation's mediocrity index by learning that they invented synchronized swimming. Even more so by the fact that they are proud of it.

Not sure if you saw this in the paper, it originally ran in the New York Times...funny, tongue-in-cheek and perhaps a little just medicine for all the American bashing that disturbingly appears to be ‘sport’ nowadays. While I disagree with certain American foreign policies, and imperialistic & ethnocentric attitudes, I do appreciate the richness and depth of the big hearted American people. It is unfair to sweepingly categorize or characterize a whole nation, from either side of the border. And while I have MANY good friends, spiritual mentors, acquaintances, and family (in-laws and blood) who are American and whom I love dearly (and will defend), I am Canadian (and damn proud of that too!). I believe that bashing, intentional bashing, maligning for sport (since no one has a monopoly on all the details around life, politics, actions, motivation, culture, life-style, history, etc.) of a people group, be it American, Canadian, Chinese, African-American/Canadian, Aboriginal, homosexual, lesbian, developmentally challenged, disabled, old, young, American, Canadian (oops already said that), is akin to calling someone a “fool” which carries a consequence...Matthew 5:22. I am not lily white on this, but I refuse to jump on some ridiculous anti-American ferry on course for styx. I believe the grace-full, obedient way to deal with any propaganda (because when it comes down to any of our knowledge about the United States or Canada we are, frankly, fed.) is to take Romans 12:18 as an active guideline: “If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all people”

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  1. It is originally from the WEEKLY STANDARD, not the NYT.