It's strange how there are times when I feel largely uninspired, and other times when I can't type fast enough. Mostly, right now, I am the latter.

Where did the church... meh, *sigh* lose the sense of journey and grace and trust and scandal, and enormity, and falling, and simple trust, and smallness, and texture and wonder and life?

The point of life and faith is Jesus, period. Not Jesus' teaching, not his theology, not his good works, not his prayers, not how often or how little he had devotions, not the people who dependently followed him around, nothing, nothing but him. Jesus is the point. He stands like a giant tree on history's horizon, ever present and contemporary. There is however a s-l-o-w-l-y seeping evil, so undetectable that many christians believe it to be part of Jesus himself. Ah, but it's not. Look closely and you'll see in there, power and authority, ego, reputation, 'right'ness, and tradition, and customers, and politics, and order, and sameness, and christian-as-a-second-language, and turf, and paranoia, and presumption and...well, maybe even yourself, maybe myself. Undetectable yes, but lethal, none-the-less.
Look at it this way. Perhaps the most famous hemiepiphyte is the towering strangler fig tree which starts life as a tiny seed in the canopy. The roots grow down to the forest floor where they take root and begin to take nutrients from the soil. Gradually the roots wrap around the host tree, widen, and slowly form a lattice-work that surround the host's trunk. The strangler fig may cover the host tree with its own trunk and strangle the host tree. The fig's crown grows foliage which soon overshadows the tree. Eventually, the host tree dies leaving the fig with a hollow center trunk. Think about it.
"Gold and silver I do not have, but I give you what I have; stand up and walk," said Peter. Later on the clergy were saying: Gold and silver we have--but we have nothing to give.

Only Jesus.

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  1. Post brings across a good point, we have strayed from Christ.

    But isn't his teaching, his theology, his good works, his prayers, his miracles, his WORDS, his salvation, his Kingdom all part of Jesus? Without these things, would he still be Jesus?

    I was always under the impression that when we put our faith in Christ, or we 'beleive' in him that we are accepting not just Christ as a person but Jesus Christ worker of miracles, speaker of truth etc.

    The point, yes, is Jesus. But can we really separate all these things? I'm more asking questions than making statements...