Lord and Savior, Bono

Dear Lord Bono Christ

Thank you for your life, your care, your grace and your gift of music. Without you in my life I would be lost and out of tune. You are so amazing and understanding, I am SO glad you are in my life. Your blessings and songs are new every morning and I sing them all day long. Make your will my will. Cause me to care about the things that you care about. Help me to be more like you (where did you get your sunglasses?) in every way. You are the way, the truth, the life and the music. I want to show compassion for others the way you do. I want to care just like you and to live my life as a witness to your coolness and edgy rhythms. Lead me to the wellspring of U2, so that I might live another day, for another concert of praise and worship of you.

In Bono's name,


  1. Catchy writing. No doubt true for some people. But I suspect this kind of thing is simply unavoidable - to a degree - for relational creatures. It happens with the Pope, with some intellectuals / theologians, pastors, and more. Just one more all too common form of idolization. Only way to completely avoid it is for us to all live as hermits . . .

  2. Agreed...some people do this for any celebrity. We are after all, "Sheep." :-)

    That said, I've been there the first two nights, and I'll be there again tonight. I love the passion in the music, I love the energy, and I love the fact that they aren't afraid to take a stand. You don't have to agree with everything he says...and I'm sure he doesn't want you to.

    Great band, great show. But don't blame them for stupid people.

  3. Kinda comes across like you're criticizing Bono for the misguided worship of his fans. I'm not sure he can do much about it. He speaks pretty humbly, and rarely, about himself and very boldly, and often, about fixing the brokenness in the world. He has openly proclaimed his faith in Jesus Christ, and has challenged Christians to lead the way in rallying governments to action. I'm glad he uses the influence he has to initiate and foster positive change.

    What if instead of criticizing him for the reaction of his fans, for their misplaced idolatry, we encouraged him to continue to rally people to action...to accepting God's invitation to partner in building His Kingdom here, where we live, now. Aren't we supposed to do that? 'Spur each other on'?

  4. Phil, I'm kinda split here. I would LOVE to see U2 live...they are incredile muscians (besides...it would make me bro SOOO jealous). but like it has been posted, don't be blaming the Celeberty for the crowd they gather. I love thier music. I still think thier best song is "With or Without You". It's very closely describing my walk with God....at times I feel like I can't live without Him. at time I don't WANT to live with Him and choose my own path....

    Personally I like them because they are an amazing band after all these years. They are strong political activists (for GOOD causes) but they are by no means a god to me.

    Good thoughts tho, I plan on scrolling around your site...looks cool.