It is shocking and nourishing. Having someone speak words of life to your very soul is truly super-natural. It is beyond. It is the sound of God. And this happened to me a few times recently. What an extravagant gift to have close friends who truly love, deeply respect and unwaveringly enjoy your company. I don't think there is anything closer to heaven. Larry Crab talks about this in his new book SoulTalk..."We almost never speak words that are formed in the center of our soul and pour out from our very being with power and a sense of life. And we almost never hear words that stir life within us, that pour hope into those empty spaces deep inside filled only with fear and fury and frustration." There is some sort of freaky voodoo experience going on when deep-spirited friends can speak deliciously nourishing words of life to your's God. It is like two souls hugging. What a breath of fresh air to be in a spiritual community where there is intimacy and soultalk.
"Churches, by no means all but too many, have become as dangerous to the health of our soul as porn shops. People become superficially aroused and deeply numbed. Religious events can be as irrelevant to real life as cocktail parties at country clubs." Ah!!! ....this is why Jesus chose to simply live life with his friends, let it unfold without program, protocol and performance, so that they could more deeply breathe the breath of life. My friends do this for me.
In the beginning was the Word...

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