"...you're not swinging your arms enough."

That's what a good friend of mine said to me during our running of the Adidas Vancouver International Marathon a couple weeks ago. Sounds kinda inconsequential- silly even, doesn't it?
It's not.
What she noticed in my stride and movement was that I was not doing what should come naturally and it would/could inevitably affect my race. Now that is profound!
Think about it.
We were put together in such a way that when we run, swinging our arms helps with the movement of walking or running, (duh- I know). But sometimes we get too distracted or used to living (running) that is beige and boring--unnatural.
How often in our lives are we forced, coerced, manipulated, and otherwise squeezed into doing/working/acting/living in a way that is foreign to the way we were made? If you're honest, often.
In fact you may be doing something right now that is forced and fake and you don't even realize it.


Do what comes natural, what will help with the journey because it's easier to move when you're you! Be you. It is SO much easier to live when we swing our arms-- when we accept who we are and let the movement built in by the Creator move us forward. He knew what He was doing when he sculpted you so, go ahead, swing those arms, and be who you were made to be!!

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