Attitudinally Challenged

I think Jesus had an attitude. Oh, sure he loved his disciples and had compassion on the weak and damaged, but think about it-- if he was REALLY human (and I believe he was) then surely he struggled or simply enjoyed the odd attitude. I'm not saying he was secretly disgusted with the religious professionals, but maybe. I'll bet he got frustrated more often than our Sunday-school minds allow us to believe. I'll bet he was funny, and sarcastic and attitudinally challenged and still very devoted to his Father and his mission. People, (mostly pious sounding religious professionals) pissed him off. That's the Jesus I love.
The more our spiritual community (BREATHE) meets together in conversation at EXHALE on Tuesday nights, the more I realize that there is a hunger and a thirst for regular, cynical, ragbag people to talk about God and goodness and virtue and life in a tone that doesn't frighten and upset you or make you feel that you were doing even more poorly than you'd thought.
If the gospel is really the gospel, then shimmering delight and throbbing disgust must embrace.


  1. Phil, I agree with you entirely. Understanding Jesus' "attitude" will motivate us more fully to be the salt and light we are called to be.

    Carry on with the good thoughts!

    Deacon Steve

  2. Phil- I agree too. That's one of the aspects of Jesus that i really love as well. I do think we (people who have a natural bent in that dry, sarcastic direction) need to be a little careful not to overempasize this part of Jesus and create a Jesus in our own image. Then again, maybe a little overemphasis of that part of Jesus is necessary because of the Christian = really nice person syndrome. I really love your last line: "If the gospel is really the gospel, then shimmering delight and throbbing disgust must embrace." In my last blog I wrote a little about a similar tension, but I won't go into it here. Have a great trip!