I am sitting in the sun looking out onto an indescribable vista, watching the sun dance off the pristine lake at a friends place in Kalispell Montana. The view of the mountains standing guard beside the lake, the birds, the deer, the fresh air, the warm hospitality, all warm the soul and soothe the mind. This is like a slice of heaven, and it's not a wonder that one feels close to God breathing in this experience. I'm not even sure I can write any more until my mind catches up with the amazing beauty, enjoyment of deep-spirited friends, and the wonder of this setting...

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  1. I think God gives us a little slice of heaven everyday, no matter where we find ourselves. Maybe we just need to practice clearing our minds of the lawn that needs to be mowed, the garage that needs to be painted, the bills that need to be paid - all of the things that tend to blind us to the spectacular beauty that He surrounds us.

    Maybe experiencing God means looking beyond the obvious (lawns to be mowed, bills to be paid) and willing ourselves to embrace all that He offers, every single day wherever and whenever we need it, as relief from what the world imposes to distract us.

    (But then again, I could just be jealous that you're enjoying peace, tranquility and friendship while we're here working on the big flower bed!) LOL