We don't play enough. That's because there are more pressing things to do, pay bills, cut the grass, make supper, grow up. Too bad. On the other hand some people never get beyond Peter Pan. Too bad. I think we know when we're too serious or too childish and we long for the soothing balance. Where does inspiration come from? Why do we grow out of pretend? Is it more or less mature to believe? To make believe?

"There is no use trying,"
said Alice; "one can't
believe impossible things."
"I dare say you haven't had
much practice," said the Queen.
"When I was your age,
I always did it for half an
hour a day. Why, sometimes
I've believed as many as six
impossible things before
breakfast". (Lewis Carroll)

Doesn't it seem utterly impossible what Christianity claims...what Jesus says is possible. It's a bunch of silliness really. Or is it?

Watched a great movie last night.


  1. Sweet! It is a GREAT movie. Funny, I just watched that this past weekend, what a coincidence :-)

  2. I truly believe that the most outragously, unadulterated, truly unbelievable stuff comes straight from children. God has allowed them to be the carriers of the impossible Christ-like truths.