Just in case you were wondering...

Michael Flocker, American author of the US bestselling The Metro-Sexual Guide To Style (Da Capo, 2003), defines the metro-sexual man as a:
“1 – twenty first century male trend-setter
2 – straight, urban man with heightened aesthetic sense
3 – man who spends time and money on appearance and shopping
4 – man willing to embrace his feminine side”

An urban straight male ranging in age from late teens to mid 30's who is: good looking, stylish, fashionable, trendy, cultured, & well groomed. A metro sexual is very conscious about his image and looks in public. A metro sexual is often associated with getting manicures, facials, & massages, as well as using "products" and shopping at nice clothing stores. However, metro sexuals don't necessarily engage in each of these activities.

Straight is good. Stylish is good. But let there be no mistake about it...

MEAT IS GOOD. HOCKEY IS GOOD. RUNNING IS GOOD. Massages are only good if they are SPORTS massages! I'm always willing to embrace my feminine side--my wife! Never had a manicure, never had a facial. Product is good--bait, tackle, running shoes, bike, skates, cd's, etc. By the way did I mention MEAT IS GOOD!!!

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  1. Okay, if we agree that meat, hockey and running are good...does that make us 'real men'?

    The label wasn't intended to offend...but I'll take it back (according to Mr Flocker, you're too old anyway...tee hee!)