Good times

There really is nothing quite like running long distance. For me, it's an opportunity to think, to pray, to talk to someone else a bit, or to just be quiet while running with someone, or alone. It's cleansing. When I think of all the ridiculous things and traumatic things that irritate me, or that upset people in the world-my world...well, running helps to give perspective even if it comes in the form of breaths. Doctors and health professionals consistently say that the best way to address stress is to exercise. It clears the head, it cleans the blood, it opens the mind and it nourishes the soul.

Perspective, now there's a skill. To see beyond the immediate, to have a sense of the eternal, and know that there is a WHOLE lot more going on than what we see. No, running doesn't change the world, but it changes me a bit. There is something re-creating and simplistic about lacing up the running shoes, throwing the hat on, and starting to move. That's been hard at times--to move. Not so much physically (though after this race moi was a wee bit tender), but mentally, emotionally, figuratively. I'm too figidy to sit still, but people often wear me out. Don't get me wrong, I love my people (those who understand and value me), but for some reason, sometimes more than others, I think I could run forever. My dad often asks, "what are you running from?" And I think...I'm not running from so much as running with, or running to. God is a runner, well, at least metaphorically he is, which is reassuring. I'm one of His in more ways than one.

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