Are you Emergent?

Since the Emerging Church doesn't seem to like definitions, and they do seem to like images, I offer the following.*

You Might Be Emerging if...

You are a






You own an

Without me giving last names, You still know who these people are:


You like to drink

and discuss one or more of the following:

with a liberal dose of

You are listening to:

on your

You use these words in a positive way:

Missional, Liquid/Aqua, Ancient-Future, Post ___________, Jesus, Community, Derrida, Liturgy, Global, Creed, Experience, Social Justice, Conversation, Spiritual, Ritual, Beauty, Art, Blog, Ooze, Journey, Discussion, Open, Random, Culture, Technology

You use these words in a negative way:

Foundationalism, Absolute Truth, Church Growth, D.A. Carson, Calvinism, Modernism, Fundamentalist, Bush, Seeker Sensitive, Preaching, Pulpit, Doctrine, Innerancy, Power, Enlightenment, Rationalism, Meta-narratives, Universal, Judgemental

You have

on the bumper of your


You have to look at these pics twice because it might be you:

Your worship service looks like





This is your leg:


You see this on a website and know exactly what to do:

* This "list" is neither exhaustive nor exclusive. No single one of these traits indicates that you might be part of the EC, but at some point, a cummulative weight will let you know if you are Emerging.

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