Let's just say it...

Let's just say it.
When does the next eclipse happen?
This too shall pass.
Amazingingly silly.
Never again.
Make God in your own image.
Who said it would be easy?
What the hell were you thinking?
Thought I'd knock off early.
Livin for the minute.
In case this doesn't make it.
Jesus wept.
Pull the pin and throw it.
We never got caught.
What once was.
Dreamin bout women.
take up your cross and follow me
Crazier than a shithouse rat!
I'll bet you think this song is about you.
Flesh colored
One sweet ride.
Breakin' the neck
Once a king always a king, once a knight...is enough!
pour it on
Throw it all away
God bless the freaks
Eat your ballot
What's the answer?
The latest mistake
Cars on a cable
You won't find me
someplace only we know
Or, so you thought
Where is the rewind button?
The tribe has spoken
Dimpled chad
Red or White?
Sucker punch suck
Face to face
Love your enemies
Get over it
this is what it is
Spider guts spider guts
In any other spoken language
It only takes a spark
Oh yeah, and let me ruin your life
Strawberry fields forever
eyes in the back of your head
It doesn't matter much to me
you'll see
Rape the soul to satisfy your desire
Yeah, thanks for nothing
The sound of your heartbeat
Sure, ok, that's what that means
Two line pass
Open up your heart and let the truth come out
Maybe you're not supposed to figure it out
Holy Grail
Delicious with a few chips, broccoli,
You can feel the cushions, but you can't have a seat
Double shift
NO ONE is to blame
endless hassle
You are fantastic
Let's soar
Between the eyes
Goin' on up to the Spirit in the sky
Can i have this dance?
Poor me
Blessed are you when people say all kinds of shit about you
By the way
and then the end will co

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