I'm tired of being painted with the same brush as Pat Robertson, or Benny Hinn, or Jack Van Impe or (just about anyone else who wears a tie!!)...

Extreme right-wing, hardcore, Bible-thumping Jesus freaks, R (not) Us/me. I don't have severe rectal cramping. Of course you'll be able to find shallow, reckless, monolithically complacent Christians who tout their beliefs in the philosophy of Jesus but advocate tax cuts for the richest of the rich instead of succor for the poorest of the poor. Who consistently favor the interests of big business over those of the imperiled environment. Sure.

But that's not me (or many other Christians I know) and, more importantly,

that's not Jesus.

The scandal of grace however, is that Jesus is as bat-shit crazy in love with Pat, as he is with me (and you)

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