I meet with a group of people weekly. They are an amazing group. Some of them come together on Tuesday nights, some on Sunday mornings. We talk about everything. We're journeying. Today we talked about God.

When you hear the word 'God', when you think about God, what image comes to mind? Is it one of an old man who furiously pushes and pulls leavers to make things happen--things from parking spots close to the mall to finding you a spouse? A grandfatherly type God who heals some and maybe leads others to the best sale price?

For many people their concept of God is built around a concept of a God who is outside of everything. He's not here but, out there. Oh sure he made everything but now he sits on a distant star impotent to the cares of mankind. He may or may not show up here--he can never be counted on to appear when I need him.

The problem with that concept is that you have to prove that God even exists. We start with what is empirical--what I can see and touch and smell and hear, what is 'real'. So then what we end up debating and discussing is whether there is a God somewhere else who has something to do with...this.

The people who wrote all of the different posts and genres of the Bible seem far less interested in debating whether God exists and far more interested in describing what God is like. He calls himself, I AM. think about that. Even when pressed for a name God says I am. I'm WAY bigger than a name or a concept of a virtue or an idea, the best way to describe me is with a verb. IS. AM.

When you're listening to music in a room, can you point to the music? Not where it is coming from, but the music itself. Where is the music? Dumb question right? Because the music is everywhere in the room, it fills it.

God is beyond anything our minds can comprehend.

In light of that, what does it mean to have a personal relationship with a God like that? I've been a Christian for nearly 40 years now, and I'm still not sure I've got my mind around it. How do you love a God that is so vast? And why do many Christians act so stuffy or judgemental, or hurtful?

When I think of God, ....

I hear a song.

I've been hearing this song for nearly forty years. Sometimes it is faint and I've wandered off from God. Or perhaps the hurts from life, friends and experiences have dulled the sound. But sometimes the song is clear and rich and full and textured. I'm dancing to the sound. It is haunting. It's a song that moves me. It has a melody and a groove. It's unpredictable! Lot's of other people have heard this song, for thousands and thousands of years. They've found the song captivating,

and they've wanted to hear more.

Some people want to deny that there's a song. but it keeps playing. The song is playing all around us all the time. The question isn't whether or not you're playing the song, the question is, are you in tune. God gives us life and breath, he is generous. So when I am selfish and stingy and I refuse to give, I am essentially out of tune with the song. Oh how out of tune I can be. Thank God for patient people who dance with me.

God is love. Unrestrained. Unconditional. So when we see someone sacrifice themselves for the well-being of another, they are inspiring because they are in tune. It's music to our ears, to our lives. Faith, love, hope, compassion, generosity, truth, patience, mercy, fidelity (the way Jesus lived)...I can see that. I can understand that. I can relate to that. I can play that song.
I want to play in tune.

Do you hear it?

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