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Sweet! Another great night of food, beverages and discussion at exhale. While we started from where we left off last week with Brokeback Mountain, the conversation wandered a bit with so many voices in and out of the topic of relationships. I was struck at one point with the intense (though brief) foray into processing the movie Sideways. Not sure why we got onto that topic, and while I've not seen it I know the story line. What stood out to me is that there were not just a few people who "loved that movie", and defended it simply as a movie, with no consequence. "It's just a movie, it was incredibly entertaining".

...and that's where I disagree.

You see movies are not simply isolated short stories created in a vacuum that have no bearing or consequence on society. Art imitates life. When we talk about Transamerica (a new movie about a pre-operative male-to-female transsexual who takes an unexpected journey when she learns that she fathered a son, now a teenage runaway hustling on the streets of New York) this is reflective of real life, it's not a fairly tale. When we talk about Brokeback Mountain, this is reflective of real life, it's not make-believe. And when we talk about Sideways (or an avalanche of other such 'material'), this is real life, people actually do make such bad decisions about the use of their body and sexuality, it's not just the big screen. For the sake of objectivity, let's just run down a bit about the movie from one movie review website (this is just a bit, not the full flavor--apologies ahead of time if you're not use to such language):


At least 79 uses of "fuck", 15 uses of "shit", 5 slang terms using male genitals ("dick," "cock," "Johnson" and "bone"), 1 using female genitals ("box"), 5 asses, 3 assholes, 5 hells, 1 damn, 5 uses each of "Jesus" and "Jesus Christ," 3 of "Oh my God," 2 of "God" and 1 use each of "God damn," "Christ," "For Christ's sakes," "For God's sakes," "Good Lord" and "Oh Christ."
(*note, Jack is on a mission to get laid as many times as he can prior to his upcoming marriage)


  • Jack states that both chicks and dudes like him.
  • Jack tells Miles that the latter needs to "get laid" and that his best man gift to him will be to "get you laid."
  • Jack tells Miles that they're going to get the latter's "bone smooched".
  • Jack repeatedly refers to various women as potential sexual conquests (all the week before his wedding). He ends up repeatedly having sex with Stephanie and then has a one-night stand with a waitress he's just met.
  • Jack tells Miles that he was just trying to get him "a little action."
  • Jack states that he's going to "get laid" before he's married
  • Miles walks into their hotel room, we then see a full shot of Jack having sex on top of Stephanie.
  • Jack tells Miles that Stephanie is different and then adds that she "fucks different...she fucks like an animal."
  • Jack makes a comment about "hooked up" and then asks Miles whether he wants to "feel that cozy little box (vagina) clamped down on your Johnson" (all referring to Mia).
  • Mia is mad that Miles didn't tell her about Jack being engaged. He says he was going to the night before, but she then states, "You wanted to fuck me first."
  • Jack jokingly tells Miles, "You didn't get any, did you?" (meaning sex with Mia). He then jokes, "You're a homo, aren't you?" with Miles sarcastically replying, "Yeah, I'm a homo."
  • Spotting a large waitress, Jack says he bets that "that girl is tons of know, the grateful type."
  • After having an affair with a waitress he's just met, Jack shows up back at their motel room, completely nude with his hands covering his crotch. He then says that he had to rush out when the woman's husband came home early and caught "me with my cock in his wife's ass." The two then have to go to that woman's house to retrieve Jack's wallet and he wants Miles to go in and get it. Miles sarcastically states that he'll say, "My friend was the one balling your wife." He then sneaks into the house where he sees the woman's husband having sex on top of her.

  • Hhhhhmmmmmm......sounds like entertainment to me...if you've got a pocket full of quarters!

    I fully recognize that this rabbit-like breeding (oh sorry, not breeding that would imply responsibility!) regularly occurs, and that is why some people like to see a movie about it (and perhaps why some who don't copulate three times on their first date are anxious to see a movie about it). But does that mean that this has no influence, consequence or effect on society, people, you/me? News Flash: movies are not always just about 'entertainment'. Often there is a deeper influential commentary on society. Sexual scavenging is vastly different than cheating on one's taxes, driving over the speed limit or stealing a chocolate bar. One deadens my conscience the other deadens my conscience AND my soul. One is about compromising societies laws, the other is about compromising myself ontologically. To joke and make fun of the gift of our sexual selves and 'entertain' ourselves with a characters hunt to prostitute himself, and boast of his sexual preying and acts of aggression, is to in some sense lose compassion for others, and to deaden the soul.

    I don't have to teach my kids to not enjoy the smell of rotten eggs. They know it stinks.
    We would do well to learn the same truth.

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