Fresh Air

Our intention is that Sunday morning gatherings be a time when people contribute to the creation of a setting in which we are transformed, not a setting in which people come to be serviced by professionals or qualified volunteers. I like to think of it as having dinner at a friend's house where it is expected that you will help pass the serving dishes and clear the tables at the end of the meal.
Our gatherings reflect our belief that we are in this together and that we all have something to offer here. Our worship gatherings are not meant to be shows or concerts. They are designed as interactive experiences. We invite participants to join in, share what they have, and take a piece of what those around have to give. We are a gathering of people who are on a pilgrimage through life with we each other and with God.

Our gatherings for worship are designed to help us on that journey. Because our gatherings are designed to be interactive and participatory, our furniture is set so we can see each other...over time, we have gotten used to seeing faces rather than the backs of heads.
We are a group of friends and acquaintances. We are people who help
each other move. We paint each other’s bathrooms. We make birthday cakes. We are people who want to recognize that time is not a renewable resource, it matters how you spend it. We want to know the new lady with the little girl who moved in next door. The guy in the next cubical. The dreadlock barista at the coffee shop. The yoga teacher with the cool chimes. The plumber at our worksite. The outrageous waiter with the t-shirt that says, “I’ve got candy.” We are people who like life. We are artists. We are computer programmers. We are parents. We are beer lovers. We are people who fight, who laugh, get bored, get inspired. We make music; we make soup. We laze around in the sun; we play scrabble in the rain. We listen to loud music; we go with each other to get tattoos. We read good novels; we learn about wine and cheese. We are explorers. We are people who want to worship God, and talk to God, and listen to God, because we believe that he is very fond of us. We are people who readily admit we are not entirely sure what that means, but we can’t let go of the assurance that Jesus was dead and came back to life. We are people who learn not from a leader, but from one another. We blow dust off of old books, we reform old beliefs. We uncover ancient practices and make them our own. We say, “I was wrong,” We look twice at something that catches our eye.

We seek.

Come and explore, BREATHE, be at home.

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