bleeding hearts

I was going to write something about this picture, but the more I look at it, the more I get irritated on so many levels. I am sick and tired of demonstrators. Have we ever stopped to wonder why we call them 'demonstrators'? They're demonstrating how to be idiots. They're demonstrating how to stir up controversy and never really do anything worthwhile for their cause...that's because they're just ....DEMONSTRATING. In this city you could see a 'demonstration' every day of the week. What's your concern? What's your cause? What makes you upset and self-righteous? Seals? Poor? Education? Transportation? Speech? War? Meditation? You name it, you can join a 'demonstration'.
Here's a hint for all you would-be demonstrators... try demonstrating to yourself that you can act as a responsible citizen and effect change in your own life first, then talk to us about your cause in a normal tone. Put your flags and your banners away...(do you honestly think anyone is actually paying attention to your little parade?)
Oh yeah, and when you're demonstrating...can ya stay off the roads!! I've got places to go and people to see.


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