Livin' on the Edge

I've been reading a fantastic little book by David Adam called Walking the Edges: Living in the Presence of God. He combines story, spiritual reflection, poems and prayers in a journey to the borderlands, the place inhabited by Christians willing to extend themselves in adventurous living for the sake of love. This is a wonderful book that draws on the stories of St Martin, St Ninian, St Patrick, St Oswald and St Cuthbert.

Here is a quote:

There is no place where God is not to be found. If you banish God from your life or even a portion of it, you cease to deal with reality or with the true depths of the world and your own being. Any true perspective of the world needs to acknowledge mystery and awe. We may not want to put conventional names to our awareness, because such names have been greatly misused, but the reality is still there. To deny mystery and awe any entry into our lives is to impoverish ourselves, and the world around us. There is a great joy in being able to awaken to the presence. Life becomes so much richer if we discover that we dwell in God and he is in us. Patrick would have understood the words of Julian of Norwich that are so hard to understand by many today: 'You are more in heaven than on earth.' If this is not part of our experience, is it not because we have ceased to keep up a vital relationship with our creator, redeemer and sustainer? We have so many wonderful things we can do in this world [or seemingly worthy causes] we are always tempted to forget that our God seeks a relationship with us. God is not a Sunday exercise, nor a recreational option, God is life and health: God is not for debate or analysis, or to be proved; God is to be encountered and to be known.

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