Saying one thing, doing another

I am sometimes amazed at what is often attributed to God's will. From time to time I hear people say, "God led me to the perfect job", or "He guided me to a great partner". Neither a job nor relationships are bad things, but what strikes me as incongruent is what isn't said. The person who mistreats others, only to be "led to the right partner", is kidding themselves. If someone severs friendships, makes accusations, lives self-righteously, then quips, "God opened the door to this great job", they've completely misunderstood God. God's will is not in contradiction to his character. It would be like saying, "God's given me such a better life now that I've aborted my pregnancy". That's absurd! It's when we are interested in His life, His character, His truth, His way of treating people that we are guided. And if God is truth, peace, love, compassion, justice, gentleness, relationship, we ought not think that we are receiving guidance from Him to our latest lackey or stimulant if we doggedly betray those characteristics in our own life. God's will does not come to those who flagrantly snub His character in order to get the candy. The only thing that's REALLY happening in that scenario is the recreating of God in our image.

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