Whether we're speaking of the past or the present (likely the future too), the OIL always comes out ahead. Perhaps this off season the canucks will finally make some changes
hint: Bert's a bum!)

Hail the mighty Oilers of Edmonton! Hail the franchise with heart! Hail the organization that supplies quality players to all the other teams to keep the NHL interesting!

We will win ANOTHER cup before the nucks win their FIRST!



  1. They won't even make it our of the first round. If it weren't for that bonus point thingy this year, they wouldn't have even been in the running for a playoff spot the past 3 weeks. ;)

  2. Funky Walker,

    I sense a tone of...bitterness? They might not overcome the Wings and their Presidents Trophy season, least we're in (bonus or no bonus--the nucks had the same opportunities)

    love ya bud