What is this?


  1. LOL... where do you find these? And is that supposed to be lettuce, or a brussel sprout?

  2. he he, I've got a million of them!!

    So,...it's lettuce, and a word pun, so...what is it?

  3. Whatever it is it looks like a good idea. LOL. The lettuce wrapped around a light bulb with a squeeze gun looks like a new idea for a gas pump.
    With the price of Gas these days it is about as stupid!

  4. Whatever it is, it lools like a good idea. LOL Perhaps it is a new gas pump. With the prices of Gas these days it is about as stupid.

  5. "Let us pray"

    Matt Davis

  6. That's a toughy, we should sit down, contemplate and ask for spiritual guidance.

    Let us pray. :)

  7. This is a lettuce sprayer as in Let Us Pray
    Peg Wilson

  8. OK, OK!!

    some of you haven't figured out that you can actually post comments here (though I can edit at will). I've been receiving your guesses some of which are here:

    Let us spray/squirt (nah!)
    Let us clean (nah!), or if one considers the shadow as well it could be
    a head of lettuce that’s VERY happy to see you
    I don't know
    something to do with lettuce.

    BUT at least a couple of you guessed it right away:

    Lettuce Spray + Let Us Pray!!!

  9. I win... you were all to slow. :P Give us another one, Harbs.