I totally lost my playoff pool but...

The Oilers overcame two crappy periods to beat the most overrated team in the west! Hemsky's game-winner was beautiful!
YES! YES! YES! can you believe that COMEBACK??


And a 4-3 Oilers win? I think this beard is giving me magical powers.

Do I wish I was back home on Whyte Ave right now!


I'm delirious


  1. As much as I'm still a bitter Canucks fan, I was cheering the the Oil last night... amazing comeback and a great game. What a 3rd period! I guess the Oil will be my team to cheer for for round 2. Congrats Phil. ;)

  2. As an Ontarian I guess I'm, disappointed that the Great Montreal Canadiens (24 Cups)got canned in the first round. Hate to smash your bubble Harbs but I don't think those Oiler's are going much further.

    Ralph Link