Not this year Anaheim!

First off, I may as well get this out of the way: Wooooohhooo [running around my house, pants on my head, home-made Oilers banner flapping in the wind].

Penultimate riots on Whyte Avenue tonight, and I'm sure the mob will raise a few Heritage buildings for good measure, since, afterall, this is the greatest day in modern day Oilers fandom. A Stanley Cup Finals appearance is an indelible marker in history, rarely lost in the murk of a hockey fan's playoff memories, plus... WE WON A BOWL! We're back in the finals where we belong!

The Clarence Campbell bowl is actually one of the finer looking pieces of NHL hardware, but as per tradition, Jason Smith wasn't touching the thing. Four more wins! Four more wins! Four mor-... sorry, this mob thing is easy to fall back on.
More Oil wasabi:

- the "kindly send off Bob Cole on an ice floe" file: Jason Smith was somehow confused with Ryan Smyth for the fourteenth time in the series, despite standing perfectly still at centre ice accepting a trophy, with no other players around him, while wearing a jersey with his name on the back.

- Who do we want next? I hate this parlor game. Carolina has some pylons in the backend, more so than any other team thus far, while Buffalo has some serious injuries to capitalize on. Carolina, however, features Glen Wesley who I fondly remember sucking air as a rookie for Boston the last time we won the Cup. But ah, who am I kidding. I don't really care who it is, Buffalo has Grier (ex-Oil) and Carolina has Weight (ex-Oil), so....bring it!

- First 8th seed in the Stanley Cup Final! (Blogger friends, a query: who was the guy that back in September predicted the Oil to win the Cup, as a throwaway guess; I'm thinking Sports Illustrated but I know it's something else like that)

- Foam Finger Award: the 150 or so Oil fans gathered around the benches, giving Oilers high fives on the way to the dressing room

- Wayne Gretzky was skulking around the building, presumably trying to jinx the Oil or perhaps try to sell the younger players Ford F150s and McDonald's fries before the game. Listen up, Oil
alumni not currently employed by the Oilers: STAY AWAY. All evidence has shown that this glorified 1980s revisited stuff just distracts current Oil trying to do their own thing, SO LEAVE THEM ALONE.
(Love ya Wayne)
Sheesh, I've been saying this for like, how long? Where are all those nay-sayers now? The best team, the best franchise, the best fans, the best city. That's right read it again!!

The best team, the best franchise, the best fans, the best city.

Edmonton Oilers


"It's good for the soul of the city"

headed for Whyte!

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  1. I couldn't agree more. Bob Cole has a great voice, but he really needs to learn the names of the players on the ice. What I don't understand is why they had Harry Neale do the game in Edmonton, then fly to Buffalo for a game, and finally down to Anaheim for Game 5. Is Harry really the only colour guy that the CBC has?

    Wayne has been great about this though, keeping a low profile. The only reason he was even there (he said) was because he was in town for his son's baseball tournament. I am curious though, as to where his heart lies in this. I like to think that he's an Oilers fan.

    But back to the main point...LET'S GO OILERS!!! [clap, clap, clap-clap-clap]!!!