Dear God...

Why do we always make things so hard? Take prayer for example. Sometimes, prayer can be simply, 'thinking'. God knows our intimate, unspoken thoughts and intentions. Of that, the Bible is clear. And if that is so, then wouldn't it stand to reason that our thoughts of love or concern or clarity or help, or support, or direction , or whatever, about another person are thoughts that God can discern and respond to? At its deepest, most intimate level, prayer is really thinking intently about another or ourselves and communing, communicating or pointing out our hopes to God.

Why then do we make it so hard?

Why is it that we have forced onto ourselves a middle-class, evangelical, guilt-ridden, legalistic, Christian subculture language that is 'the only legitimate way to pray to God'? Do we really think (or speak) with terms like: "midst", "lead, guide and direct", "bless the hands that prepared this meal", "be with us", "and us to your service"? (etc.)
I don't.

Why can't our prayers be clear thoughts of fondness, where God says...."I understand".

When the apostle Paul emplores us to "pray at all times"or "pray without stopping"...isn't this the idea he had in mind, that our prayers would dominate our very thoughts and perhaps blend together into one. And the God who is able to separate our thoughts and our intentions (whoa!) comprehends our- PRAYERS, and gets it.

I think about my family and friends most of my day,...and God hears my prayers.


  1. When I am thinking beyond myself, about others and their needs, I take part in God's thoughts. He is the model thinker because He first conceived of all our needs coming before his own. When I step out of egocentric thought I feel the wind of His Spirit in my wings. I have no choice but to soar. I taste life to the full. My thought (prayer) today is that followers of Jesus would practice refocusing the lens of our mind. May we be considerate, deeply and spiritually considerate of others? Those will be the prayers to which God will powerfully respond. Join me today.

  2. Amen Justin, amen!

    love ya bud