'til September

Congratulations to the Carolina Hurricanes, you won.

The Edmonton Oilers are no less a team of destiny. You have done the impossible, and you have made this fan, a city and a nation proud! Your fortitude and determination are a credit to the game, and to your inner character. Far from the insulting, immature, self-centered athletes who embarass so many, you- Edmonton Oilers are roles models all. Thank you for a fantastic season, it won't be forgotten. You're still champions, we're still the City of Champions!

this is going to hurt for a long time....

When all the dark clouds roll away
And the sun begins to shine
I see my freedom from across the way
And it comes right in on time
Well it shines so bright and it gives so much light
And it comes from the sky above
Makes me feel so free makes me feel like me
And lights my life with love
And it seems like and it feels like
And it seems like yes it feels like
A brand new day

- Van Morrison

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