Why I stopped using the Bible...

this is from Jimmy Doyle at liquidthinking, and it is fierce!

I want to stop using the Bible. I use it way to much and frankly I'm tired of people I encounter using it too. I hear people talk about using the Bible a lot. As a pastor there are people who expect me to use the Bible. If I give a sermon, but don't quote the Bible, they will quickly tell me I'm not using the Bible. So as any person faced with that kind of stimuli I started putting quotes in my sermons. I'd tell the same funny stories, then drop a verse in. Of course it was always on topic. After those sermons, people might say, "Thanks for using the Bible." I loved the reinforcement.

I've read books recently which in their promotion materials say things like, "Uses 1,200 Bible verses for support." Support? Did they just say, support? Is THAT what this the Bible is for? Support? I'll refrain from jock strap referrences here, but something doesn't seem right. It might just be me.

Look I'm not against people quoting the Bible, I just have a problem with them using
it. Let the Bible speak. I have this hunch that the Bible is not some kind of tool kit or arsenal for me to use on something or against someone. Maybe I should support the Bible. Maybe God .... should.... use.... me.. ?? Something seems out of order here. [does anyone enjoy being 'used'? seriously?]

I have a car. I use it. It transports me to somewhere else faster than I can walk. I use gasoline to fuel my car. I use these things and it costs me something. I have a TV. I use it. It entertains me. I use it for news, and amusement. I use electricity to fuel my TV. I use these things and it costs me something. In high school I used girls. I used them. For whatever my selfish motives were as a horny 17 year old boy, I used girls for my satisfaction. Maybe they used me too. It cost us both something.
I use my Bible. I use it and when I use it, it costs me something.

So maybe you can get why I don't want to use the Bible any longer.

The Bible too often has become a weapon in the hands of people with agendas. They believe the agenda is God's agenda, so there is something ultimate about their perspective. The ends seem to justify the means. Their ends support their means.

I'm not giving up on the Bible. I'm not telling you to stop quoting the scripture. I'm not telling you to not know the scripture. Just stop using it. If anything... let it use you. Let it read you. Live the scripture.

Live into the story of God.

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