Economical with the truth

Marketing sucks. The goal of said manipulation is to get you to think you have a need for the product or services being pushed. You may not ACTUALLY need the product, which doesn't really matter, the goal is to make you think you do. Most people I know hate being conned, and yet the very same people will not only understand but embrace the slogan; "the more you spend, the more you save!" Wha? Marketers rarely expose their social slight of hand. Poor feckless suckers. Truth in advertising, that an oxymoron? Is that oil and water?

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  1. I am so with you here! I've been in a process of drastically changing my spending. What was attached to my paycheque last week? An offer of a free ipod if I switched banks.
    I don't have an ipod.
    I'd like to have an ipod.
    I don't like that bank.
    But darned if I didn't contemplate switch.
    I don't need an ipod.
    I'm not switching.
    I dislike them even more for baiting me.