Misrepresentation or Misogyny

Presuppositions, perspective, comfort. Are any of those challenged by this picture? What if? If Christianity (or Christ followers) is going to be respectable at all it must address gender. And for the most part it does. Generally. There is a big God here, all around us, who is crazy in love with us and who, by their own will created us male & female. Sex was Gods idea (both the state and the act!) This would indicate intimately that God tenderly values, respects, supports, understands, relates, acknowledges, highlights, smiles at us as we live up to our personhood. If Jesus was such a 'radical rabbi' then why didn't he recruit any women to be in his band of disciples?

What if?

Now granted Jesus was a male in a 1st century middle-eastern, Jewish context...he represented in human form (body) a God who is Spirit (no body). God is the ultimate 'am'. God deeply, deeply relates to us as male and female, because AM is neither, and is. Our body distinctions are a great idea, and it sucks. We wage war and we abuse. We discriminate and we are enraptured. We write music about our lover and we hire the more 'qualified' penis. We make distinctions instead of having the eternal sense of creation, the soul of the divine. The beauty in you as crafted by the master sculptor. I don't know first hand, but I can imagine that periods suck. It also sucks to be judged against the cultural expectation of living up to The Fast and the Furious.

What if?

Look at what you sing, what you read, what you recite. Where is God? If you want to make God laugh tell her your plans for the future. Be thou my wisdom and thou my true Word, I ever with thee and thou with me Lord, Thou my great Father and I thy true son. Where is God?
Does it seem odd? Do you wonder? The Spirit is in you- soul to soul.

What if?

We are created with a capacity to be in relationship with the creating, sustaining, loving, compassionate power of the universe. Whoa! At the most profound level of existence we are not alone; we have the potential to be in a relationship with God. The joy that seems boundless at the miracle of the birth of a child, the fragile nature of life that accompanies death or life-threatening illness of significant others, the overwhelming sense of gratitude that accompanies the sparing of one's life, and a myriad of other encounters that alter the rotation of the earths axis, are events during which human beings report an emotional depth that touches the profundity of life. A sense of being in the presence of God.

our gender fades into oblivion...


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