First Fruit

There is something deeply satisfying about agriculture. Nurturing plants to the point of producing fruit is rewarding and renewing. It is spiritual and super-natural. That God blesses us with the privilege of caring for nature and to then be rewarded with food to eat...what a truly worshipful experience. And then to be able to share that fruit generously with others...whoa! can there be anything more divine?

"So, summing up: On the fifteenth day of the seventh month, after you have brought your crops in from your fields, celebrate the Feast of God for seven days. The first day is a complete rest and the eighth day is a complete rest. On the first day, pick the best fruit from the best trees; take fronds of palm trees and branches of leafy trees and from willows by the brook and celebrate in the presence of your God for seven days—yes, for seven full days celebrate it as a festival to God." Lev. 23

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  1. di-VINE, yeah? interesting. also, i have a dog now, and i am feeling much the same way . . . nurturing this animal, helping her feel secure (she was a lost and found), and generally being responsible to care for her as the being she was created to be. like a plant, she grows miraculously and I get to be a part of it.