What Must Change Now

German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer distinguished talent from genius, “ Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see.” Thus far the target has been to define the problem in the Church, now the mission shifts to the solution. The problem has been a target we can see and because of the intellectual talent of TACT, we have hit the target, probably not a “Bulls eye” but nonetheless, within the target. Now we turn to a work fit only for the genius, to shoot at a target that is unclear, that is illusive, and sometimes hidden. The only genius we have is the “mind of Christ.” The only access to the mind of Christ is the Holy Spirit, and so the target will be revealed via prayer, consideration of the scripture, and the wisdom of our years of knowing God and His work. We know what the target is not, it is not the conditions and results that we now have. Another philosopher, a former Baptist from Missouri, Dallas Willard has said that our current system is perfectly designed to give us the results we are now getting. Some of that current system is;
Worship as performance,

Leadership as celebrity,

Greatness measured by numbers,

Salvation by agreement with religious facts,

Evangelism without incarnation,

Discipleship as optional,

Catering to consumer mentality,

and I could go on. All this could be the result of the Gospel
we advance. I am not adverse to Brian McLaren’s muse; “ It will serve the church if we spend the next 15-20 years asking the question, ‘ what is the gospel?’ So what is a different system that would give us different results? That would give us

Worship as a heartfelt answer to God,
Leadership as humble service,

Greatness measured by character,

Salvation by a decision to follow Jesus,

Evangelism as love,

Discipleship as normative,

Catering to the committed.

this from Bill Hull , M.Div. more to come...

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