What the...

Just what exactly are some Christians smoking? This is not a joke!

coat hanger (jesus welcomes you)
This coat hanger can hang two items, a coat or jacket from the fingers and a hat or a light jacket from the nine inch nail.

This is real life kitsch, evangelical 'marketing' at its best. I wonder sometimes about how we have come to understand God, and what it means to have a relationship with God. I honestly don't think God prefers to be marketed, sold or evangelized. There, I said it. Do I believe that Gods reaching out to humankind to restore a marred relationship through Jesus Christ is brilliantly cool...yes. But do I think we need to tell, or sell, or argue, or arm-twist, or debate, or preach, or target, or sew ridiculous pajamas and therefore take something holy and make it common...no. NO!

Please stop.

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