Partner with God

We live between the trees, in a world drenched in God. And some people seriously ask, 'Where is God?' Maybe a better question would be, 'Where isn't God?' I mean, his fingerprints are all over our world. Or maybe it's his world and they're our fingerprints. The City of Richmond where we BREATHE has a program called, 'Partners for Beautification'. I can't think of a better description of what our task, our approach to the environment should be.

Followers of Jesus are people who are committed to partnering with God to make this world, the world that we live in, the kind of place that God originally intended it to be. It is this conviction that has lead us as a spiritual community to 'adopt' a section of the western dyke trail between Francis Road and Blundell Road to... make beautiful.

It is our firm belief that our expression of worship is deep and rich when we sing, pray, discuss, eat, ...and pick up garbage or enhance the beauty of God's creation.
Celebrate with us, you'll find refreshment for your soul, food for your body and spirit, friends for the journey. Living again in these abundant skies!


  1. Trez Beautiful! Loving your 'wannabe good neighbour'ly activity! How do we instill this kind of stewardship in our students? You ROCK!

  2. Mr.Harbridge,
    Were so happy to have somoene so special like you be our bible teacher :)
    Block C, Grade.8 Bible Class