You Make Me Feel Like Dancing


  1. Ahaha.
    Thats hilarious!

  2. K so pretty sure i have made like 4 of these blogspot account things, just becuase i dont want to be 'anonymous' and i keep forgeting the passwords and usernames cause i dont use them...maybe this one i wont forget.

    well, anyways...i enjoy the randomness of the spiderman, he need not be there, yet he is, nice.
    i also enjoyed todays class...80 minuets of disscussion that is relevant to my life, i have been having big problems with the church of late, and my mom thinks i am just being lazy and looking to sleep in on sunday which not only offends me but annoys me. i am just sick of the order, sick of the bussiness of churches, i dont want anything to do with it. But my mom wont take that, it is like she dosnt even know me, and feels i am trying to play her at every corner...anyways, thats all i got for now..i'm out.

  3. Hey Brodieman

    thanks for the comment, your honesty and candor is refreshing!!!

    I know your situation well, I've lived that too. (not exactly in your home, but you know)

    Ritual and routine can be tiring if God's power, unusual interruptive presence isn't felt.

    Just to encourage you...your mom likely (speaking from a parents point of view) really really wants you to worship God and be close to him. It can be hard to see your children not 'into' the same scene. Try to be patient with her and she'll likely be patient with you.

    Remind her that you love Jesus, and you're not trying to play her, but that you need more than the usual predictable service.

    this is exactly why a few of us started BREATHE.

    LOVED the discussion today--you guys are fantastic, thinking, wondering, wrestling, digging, searching for God....what a privilege to journey together.

    see ya bud


  4. It's funny how we always sing the lyrics in church, "Oh, I feel like dancing. It's foolishness I know, but when the world has seen the light, they will dance with joy like I am dancing now"...but really, who the heck dances in the middle of singsperation? You would be martyed for that...but singing it, not doing it, doees that not contradict itself?

    church these days...what have we become? I'm not sure what to the rigid, unspoken rules and the set agenda for sunday worship leave no space for grace and mercy because all we have are judgmental ideas and 10 fingers to point at people's wrongdoings? and what if there is just a so-called "free living church". What rules and doctrine do they abide by? Who is there to rebuke them, saying, "What you're teaching isn't right" (coz sometimes...we do need that).

    I guess it all just comes back down our hearts, eh?