We nuture it into our babies as we provide them with safe secure unconditional love.

We teach them through our unrelenting loving care what trust feels like.
We seek it out from the adults and caregivers in our lives as children growing,
knowing inherently how much it's needed as the fertilizer of our well being,
knowing deep in our gut when it's missing..........

when trust abounds we feel loved confident assured capable of trusting capable of sharing trust capable of opening up to be loved capable of feeling the naked vulnerability of sharing love. when it is lacking.........we feel

unsure confused unable to read relationships well unable to open up to others in a healthy way. we feel hurt......untrusting of all around. second guessing others actions always.

Full of conspiracy thoughts....

"they must want something from me........they are lying........they are mean spirited.....there is no goodness........the world is full of fakers............

"I'm not fooled"

"I trust no one can hurt me again. Screw them all."

When trust has never been felt we feel unloved unwashed vulnerably naked wrapped in a ripped sheet made of pain. When trust has been violated we feel deep gashes of ugly.

Jean Vanier writes,

"Communion is mutual trust, mutual belonging; it is the to-and-fro movement of love between two people where each one gives and each one receives..........."

"Trust is a beautiful form of love. When we are generous, we give money time and knowledge. In trust, we give ourselves. But we can only give of ourselves if we trust that we will be well-received by someone."

Trust is a double edged sword isn't it? In order to give and receive it, one has to choose to enter into a "communion" with another thereby opening up ourselves to feeling vulnerable. Sometimes it's a beautiful thing. Sometimes we experience a sense of woundedness. Deep gashes.......

Gashes do heal............we are left with some scars, but it doesn't mean we can't try again. Scars can add lustre to our individual identities, as well as reminders of hurt.

So, when do you know when to take a step closer to the communicate to is my trust........I am open to accepting your trust? And when you do decide to do that, when do you know when trust has turned to a sense of communion?

At what moment is trust born?

When conspiracy-like fear evaporates and is replaced by a smiling hand held out.
No strings attached.

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