Brilliant! simply brilliant

H.G. Wells, who was no friend of the church, wrote an interesting story years ago in the New Yorker. He told a story about an Episcopalian clergyman. This Episcopal bishop was the kind of man who was always saying pious things to people. When people in trouble came to him with their problems he would say things like, "Have you prayed about that?" This bishop found that if he said that, in just the right way, it would sort of settle things for people.

The bishop didn't pray much himself. After all, his life was going along just fine. But one day the bishop found himself overwhelmed by problems. It occurred to him that he ought to take some of his own advice. So, one Saturday afternoon he entered the cathedral, he went to the front and knelt on the crimson rug. He folded his hands before the altar and he began to pray, "O God . . ."

Suddenly there was a voice. It was crisp, businesslike. The voice said, "Well, what is it?"

The next day when the worshipers came to Sunday services, they found the bishop sprawled face down on the crimson carpet. When they turned him over they discovered he was dead. Lines of horror were etched upon his face.

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