A good friend of mine sent me an article by some dude trying to make a case for why Al Qaeda supports the emergent church (huh?). Not sure what this guy was smoking before he wrote this little gem of broad spatter, but, as my friend so aptly put it, "we are enemies in our own country!!!"

I have to say that I don't really care about Al Qaeda or whatever they (it?) may support. In fact I'm more apt to believe that if they were to read this little piece they too would despair. The annoying thing is that people like Mr. Pastore (please tell me that's a pseudonym!) betray their own arrogant 'knowledge' by pigeon-holeing people and groups like a science experiment (modernity), when life and faith are much more messy, frustrating, unpredictable, shocking, and ambiguous.

In case you were wondering what (some) new and emerging things God is up to,
here's some clarity in the form of pictures (which are worth more than a 1000 words). I pray you too will experience this kind of faith, this kind of God, Mr. 'Pastore'...

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