THIS needs to STOP!!

A couple months ago the largest 'brothel' in Canada was shut down, and to my surprise, I drive by it every day on my way to work. This is not your typical seedy joint. This was a very nice, very large, --house, in a residential area of Richmond BC. The person who owned it and was running the enterprise was trafficking young girls from Asian countries AND North America to make her extremely wealthy.

You/I never would have suspected this nice large house was such a
prison for so many young girls. I believe the newspaper coverage of the raid said the police found "copious amounts of lubricant and condoms, along with mattresses throughout the house." I despair. I ache for these young souls who are being abused, threatened, forced to obey their 'owners' for unimaginable acts. This has got to stop!!

Imagine if every report on faith communities was like this:

Where law enforcement stops short, churches, mosques, and synagogues across the U.S. have opened their doors as safe havens for victims of human trafficking.

This is hard to watch, but the first step toward action is awarenes.

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