Surely We Can Change

In Christian traditions that observe these things, today is the day that people celebrate the life of a man named Francis, who lived in a little village in Italy almost 1,000 years ago.

Legend has it that Francis, just before he died, asked that his faithful donkey be brought to his bed-side. Francis apologized profusely to the donkey for all the work & struggle he had caused the donkey. Legend has it that these were Francis's last words - upon his death, the donkey is said to have cried.

It's myths or truths or stories like that which remind me that surely we can change, that all of the love in the world is right here.

the music is Surely We Can Change, lyrics here, David Crowder Band, Remedy (2007)

and the problem it seems is with you and me,
not the Love who came to repair everything
and i don’t know what to do with a love like that.
and i don’t know how to be a love like that.
when all the love in the world is right here, among us.
and hatred too and so we must choose what our hands will do.

where there is pain, let us bring grace.
where there is suffering, bring serenity.
for those afraid, let us be brave.
where there is misery, let us bring them relief.
and surely we can change something.

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