Genuflecting at it's best...

Okay, this is American Idol, AMERICAN IDOL...get the irony.

What you're about to see below, actually happened last night after about
two hours of focusing on 'giving back' (read: caring for 'the least of these')!
Is this just a 'Gospel' song, or, do people understand the ethic of Jesus' kingdom?

Oh such irony, such tasty irony. Did I mention this is American IDOL?
People who are in a competition to win, so that they will make tons-o-money, and
have their lives changed, who will (or have already) become fabulously wealthy and famous ...
are singing "NOTHING COMPARES to the promise I have in you."

Do they 'get' it?

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  1. We caught the end of the show and were equally surprised. Did you notice, though, that they replaced "Jesus" with "Shepherd"? At any rate, it caught our attention.