Well that worked out well...

It is a principle that you can bank on. I mean if you're wondering about whether to call, or raise the bet, go 'all in' on this one. Tell people NOT to do something, even if the reasons are dangerously obvious, and that's what they do. Parents know this well. Policemen, politicians. In our litigious society however, one must follow due process and bring attention to what should be avoided. This is the slick and simple approach to 'covering one's ass.' Curious why we cannot, or will not accept the shared knowledge and insight, but rather live the experience (and all its consequences) for ourselves.
Strange, curious creatures we are. Overwhelmed by our inquisitiveness, sense of adventure, and invincibility...we experience some of the hardest lessons in life. The confusing thing about us, as Kierkegaard said, is that "we are simultaneously the Pharisee and the publican."

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