Got a great idea from a fellow blogger and I adapted it a bit. If you pop in here from time to time and read my blog (or laugh at the pictures), I invite you to join me in an experiment, a project.


Okay, so here’s the deal: it’s time to do something. We are all busy and we always have lots of things that preoccupy our time & attention. It seems that every year we put off being adventuresome, creative, unusual or generous. Basically we need some new stories to tell. But what’s important? The point is to get started living in a new kind of way. Deal?

All right then.

In an effort to not lose the last year to ‘good intentions,’ I’m proposing a project! Yes, a PROJECT! Projects are fun! Go with me on this. Here’s the premise of my project: fortyinforty. That’s more of a title, but you get it. Doing forty things in forty days for forty. The forty things come from us, the purpose comes from Luke 12:40- “Just when you don’t expect him, the Son of Man will show up.” So there it is. Let’s take on the challenge of doing forty creative, fun, adventuresome things, in forty days, in order to watch and notice where Jesus shows up and to get some fantastic stories. By the way, this is the season of Advent (Emmanuel, God WITH us). The first 25 I came up with, yeah yeah – editors privilege. The next 15 come from your suggestions. If you pop in here, give me some suggestions, I'll compile the complete list of 40 things, and then we'll get started. Cool?

So, here’s the criterion:
1. Have to stay in Metro Vancouver
2. Have to be able to do it on my own (only with company if that’s how it works).
3. It cannot cost billions of dollars, which I/we do not have.
4. It’s a good idea if it were something that could be accomplished in a day.
5. Nothing offensive, inappropriate, or dangerous (obviously, since that’s not the point).

Oh yeah, if you can verify each one (or as many as possible) as you do it (photo) that would be cool.

So....suggest away!!

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  1. How about leaving some "Hope notes" in expected places around town. There's flickr group which has some lovely ideas...