I Dream of a Church Where...

This is from my students. A random collection of honest thoughts and earnest dreams from a bunch of perceptive, authentic, and hopeful high schoolers:

I Dream of a church where...

• It’s short & sweet
• It’s focused on God
• The pastor doesn’t use Sunday School answers
• Sermons are relevant to daily life
• No one will judge you
• The music is new & doesn’t repeat the same ones over and over again
• They do what they say
• I can learn something new every week
• I can’t wait till next Sunday
• Sermons are directed to young people
• It’s laid back & not fancy
• It doesn’t give just a typical sermon
• The topics are interesting
• Everyone is equal
• You are ready and willing to let go of everything that week
• Is full of energy
• No one pretends to be all concerned, but they are just trying to be nosy
• People sincerely care about each other & want to know each other
• It inspires people to get involved in what God is doing
• Scripture interprets life, rather than lives interpreting scripture
• Everyone is friendly and easy to talk to
• There’s no gossip or mistreatment
• We can be entertained but still send a message of value
• We feel comfortable
• There is a good sense of community
• We can solve problems together
• Tolerance is practiced
• Acceptance is automatic
• One can feel welcome
• One can share openly to the congregation
• There’s no discrimination towards newcomers
• People want to go to, not forced to go to
• We can feel safe
• We can be proud to be a part of
• Members do not act like they are better than others
• There are no hypocrites
• People are open-minded
• There is more than one way to solve a problem
• Money is not important
• There is honesty
• Nobody will feel left out
• Members realize that just because they go to church does not mean that they are not sinners
• People stop saying “Praise the Lord” for every little thing
• There is no routine
• It feels like a family
• People are not fake
• Non- Christians would want to attend
• There is creativity
• Art is not seen as non-traditional and a bad thing
• Worship is real
• Image is unimportant
• There are more discussions
• We can feel God’s present
• We can worship God all as ONE
• It’s more nature-oriented
• It does not have barriers on what things can be taught
• Loving God and Loving people is most important
• There are no needs to be worried or sad
• Everything about it makes you want to know God more
• Everyone is the church
• It’s not confined to the church building
• There’s true fellowship
• It’s alive
• We can be ourselves
• We offer the offering with thankful hearts
• People aren’t scared to show that they are Christians
• People always smile truly
• They forgive and forget

Pie in the sky? or
Prescription for change?

What would you add?

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  1. so what happens when you ask them.. "I dream of Richmond Christian School where..."