Gettin' ink done

I often wonder why people get the tattoo's they do. Having one myself, I know that it has a story to it, intentionality, meaning. Usually people get tattoo's, I would think, that have some significance to them especially given their permanence.
Which is why I also wonder about the real story behind spiritual symbols people have. Is it simply an acknowledgment of their soul/spirit side and the ascent to a 'higher power'?

Take Katie Perry for example,

Why would she have a tattoo of 'Jesus' on her wrist? What's the real story.

Does Jesus hold particular significance for her?
And if so, what difference does Jesus make in her life?

just wondering.


  1. Where and what's your tattoo? I don't remember ever seeing it or hearing about it...?

  2. yup, had it since 2005 (?). Charissa wanted one, and I told her I would get the same thing in the same place (ankle). She came up with the design. We got it done together. She was a rock, I was screamin' in pain! hahaha