Evangecandy? Puhleese! 

Somehow we have this notion that we can actually 'win' people for God's Kingdom with this kind of kitch. Since when is sharing our lives about winning anything? Is this a game? Do we honestly need 'lead-ins' and tricks to manipulate conversations? Isn't it about sharing our life and living our faith and journeying with people in a relational way so they experience the triune (community) God's relationship and love?
As Danny Devito (Phil Cooper) in The Big Kahuna says:
It doesn't matter whether you're selling Jesus or Buddha or civil rights or 'How to Make Money in Real Estate With No Money Down.' That doesn't make you a human being; it makes you a marketing rep. If you want to talk to somebody honestly, as a human being, ask him about his kids. Find out what his dreams are - just to find out, for no other reason. Because as soon as you lay your hands on a conversation to steer it, it's not a conversation anymore; it's a pitch. And you're not a human being; you're a marketing rep. 

Stop the insanity! 

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