Art or just poor taste?

There's controversy afoot here in Richmond. That's right, one of the supposed pristine host cities of 2010 Winter Olympics has a struggle that hearkens back to World War, McCarthyism, and...good vs evil. Richmond has allowed a statue of the disgraced, despicable dictator of communism to be erected in the heart of the city just weeks before 'the world' descends on us. Soon, visitors from all over the world will be able to see in all things shiny, just how mad we really are. Our political correctness has gone rancid but somehow we've gotten used to the stench of toleration. We use to erect statues in HONOR of our heroes, and those were good days. Now, we (read: new immigrants) find the most offensive, abusive, and historically despised infamy to showcase without impunity because they call it 'art.' What an embarrassment to this conviction-less mess of a country.

Let's go whole way, have a Hitler statue

Richmond News

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Editor,

Who in their right mind would erect a statue of Lenin in Canada?

Maybe some cultures like this mass murderer ... but this is Canada. Richmond is a city in Canada, or have they (the people who approved this) forgotten that.

This is a country made free by soldiers who gave their lives to fight tyrants like Hitler, Stalin and, yes, Lenin.

Lenin is not a symbol of Canada. Lenin does not belong as a monument. After the Second World War, the Russian cities Leningrad and Stalingrad were renamed. And we have a statue of Lenin?

The person who approved this statue must have mental health issues. I am disgusted with this statue and it insults every World War veteran alive or dead.

How can we have a veteran's day commemorating soldiers like those who served in the First World War who stood up and fought to protect us against idiots like Lenin.

Are we going to celebrate them while having a Lenin statue erected?

Heck, while city council is at it, why not erect a Hitler/Stalin monument.

Give that stupid statue back to the communist who made it. Do you have any idea how many Olympic visitors this city will offend with that statue?

The Prime Minister of Canada will be hearing from me, along with many of my fellow Canadians. What is going on with this city?

R. Wiens,


Cheers to the commie party!

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