It has begun

Last week I started a long journey...

I began my training for the first of five marathons I plan on running in 2012.

2012 is a significant year for me, and I want to run a marathon for every decade I have been alive.
Each marathon (decade) will be dedicated to a different set of people- family members, friends etc.

Here's the races:
     1. Birch Bay Marathon - Sunday February 19

     2. Eugene Marathon - Sunday April 29

     3. Canadian Derby Edmonton Marathon - Sunday August 19

     4. Surrey International World Music Marathon - Sunday September 30

     5. Honolulu Marathon - Sunday December 9

Would love to have you join me for a run, part of a race, come and watch, celebrate, anything. I hope the body will hold up. I don't plan on setting any PB's but I do want to run with endurance, complete the course and enjoy the step at a time!

More to come.

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